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Welcome to SARAWAK FORESTRY, and the unique vision we are planning to achieve - global recognition as the leader in tropical forest conservation and products.

We are entrusted to safeguard and sustainably manage the amazing biodiversity, in Sarawak's forests - covering tens of thousands of species of animals, plants, fungi and other life forms. As custodians of Sarawak's forests we are committed to act responsibly. We have also been given a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to Forestry will carry out these responsibilities professionally and successfully, with the co-operation and support of our employees, our stakeholders and the community.

As we work together to achieve our common goals, we will bring the right blend of passion, dedication and professionalism to this task - for the rewards of success will not be shared only by us.

Our children, our grandchildren and future generations will recognize our successful stewardship of the natural environment and its conservation. Our employees and their families are therefore critical stakeholders in this quest for sustainability.






If you encounter or suspect any illegal activities e.g. illegal logging, hunting, capturing, killing, trading, keeping as pets, importing or exporting of protected wildlife, or any activity that violates the Ordinances, please contact our hotlines:
  • Kuching : +6 019 818 6707
  • Miri : +6 019 829 0944
  • Sibu : + 013 8035758
  • Bintulu : +6 013 833 0657

7th International Hornbill Conference
For more information, please CLICK HERE
25 August 2016
Capture the captivating site and rare occurrence of the world's largest flower at Gunung Gading National Park.
  • Location: 20 minutes walks (300m) from Park HQ
  • Date: 26 August 2016 - 30 August 2016 (Size: 58 cm)
  • No. of Petal: 5 Petals
  • For further enquiry please contact +082 735144
SFC hosted delegates of the 15th International Peat Congress, Kuching
15th August 2016
SFC received delegates of the 15th International Peat Congress who were on a day's pre-congress excursion to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC) and Bako National Park (BNP) to enjoy the iconic products of the two ecotourism locations. Twenty delegates opted to visit SWC and 50 delegates visited BNP. On hand to receive the delegates at SWC was Mr. Chong Jiew Han, the manager, and at BNP the delegates were welcomed by Abang Abdul Mutalib Bin Abang Tajudin, the park manager. A total of 225 delegates signed up for excursions to four different location categories including small-holders farms (50 delegates) and Oil Palm Industry (103 delegates). This prestigious quadrennial congress in Kuching was hosted by the Malaysian Peat Society (MPS) in partnership with the International Peatland Society(IPS). The theme of the Congress is, 'Peat Lands in Harmony - Agriculture, Industry & Nature'. The Congress will also provide for researchers, academics and practitioners an ideal platform to congregate, share information and discuss their scientific results and experiences with particular reference to peat and peat lands in the tropics.
Signing of Agreement on 'Development of a Master Plan for Sustainable Use of Bako Buntal Bay as Sarawak's First East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF) Network Site'
12th August 2016
SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation signed an agreement with MS REBECCA JOTHI D'CRUZ on 12th August 2016 at Conference Room, Block A, Corporate Office to commission her on a project stated above. The objective of this agreement is to establish an effective working protocol for the development of a Master Plan for Sustainable Use of Bako-Buntal Bay as Sarawak’s first East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF) Network Site. The agreement was signed by Mr. Oswald Braken Tisen, the Deputy General Manager of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation and witnessed by Ms. Sim Lee Kheng, Biologist of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation and Ms Rebecca Jothi D'Cruz was witnessed by Ms Senty Anak Leykom. The project will officially commence on 1st September 2016
Signing of Agreement on a study entitled, 'An Evaluation of Park Service Concession Models for Kubah National Park'
10th August 2016
SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation and Swinburne Sarawak University of Technology Sarawak signed an agreement on 10th August 2016 for the latter to conduct a study entitled, 'An Evaluation of Park Service Concession Models for Kubah National Park'. This project aims to guide the development of a park service concession model for Kubah National Park. The project shall cover the following aspects of concession management:
  • Strategic goals and responsibilities (i.e. conservation, recreation, socio-economic)
  • Governance Framework (i.e. law, regulation, policy)
  • Park resources and service offerings
  • Contracting (i.e. mode, term, rights and responsibilities, fees)
  • Assessment and Approval Processes (i.e. evaluation and selection of concessioners)
  • Monitoring and evaluation (i.e. reporting of financial and operational performance, compliance with contract)
Signing on behalf of SFC was Tuan Haji Zolkipli Mohamad Aton, DGM Sustainable Forestry and Compliance Division, and signing on behalf of Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak was Professor Janet Gregory, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Mr. Oswald Braken Tisen and Associate Professor Wallace Wong were witnesses for SFC and Swinburne respectively.
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