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Awareness Programme on Ecotourism: Assessment on fireflies in Mukah

25 November 2015

Awareness programme on ecotourism, 'Assessment on fireflies in Mukah' was held at King Wood Hotel, Mukah from 25th to 26th November 2015. The objectives of this program is to sow awareness on potential of nature base (i.e. Fireflies watching) as an ecotourism product besides of handicraft and traditional foods in Mukah; and the requirement and needs to start off the nature base ecotourism. This one and a half day programme was attended by 26 participants, selected from head of sub districts of Mukah (11), Balingian (2), Oya (2), Dalat (3), Matu (2), Daro (2), Igan (2) and Tg. Manis (2). The findings of the studies conducted was shared by the researcher during the awareness programme. In additional, seven guest speakers are invited from tourism related organisation, giving talk and guidance on the importance, requirement and sharing information on how to start off the nature base ecotourism business during this awareness program.

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