About Us

Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is a statutory body of the Sarawak Government formed under Sarawak Forestry Corporation Ordinance, 1995.

Our main functions are to manage Totally Protected Areas (TPAs) and to conserve the Biodiversity of Sarawak. We have been entrusted to protect the wildlife of Sarawak, particularly the totally protected and protected species. In doing this, we are governed by National Parks and Nature Reserves Ordinance 1998 and Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998.

Following the restructuring of Sarawak Forestry Corporation & Forest Department Sarawak announced by YAB Chief Minister of Sarawak on 2 January 2020, the functions of both agencies have been streamlined for the intended purpose of stronger focus. Hence, we are now focusing on:

  • Constitution of new TPAs
  • Management of TPAs, including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves
  • Protection, enhancement and regeneration of Sarawak’s indigenous flora and fauna, and rehabilitation, both inside and outside protected areas
  • Activities related to biodiversity conservation
  • To create public awareness of conservation and sustainability issues through education, interpretation and training
  • Business development and project planning for conservation-based activities
  • Promotion and regulations of nature-based and community-based eco-tourism

With over 15 years’ existence and management under SFCSB, which has been managed under the concept of a private sector, we have developed:
1. a very strong and comprehensive infrastructural, technical and scientific framework;
2. a good foundation in the management of TPAs and conservation of biodiversity;
3. a management culture parting from the traditional approach to a more dynamic and robust approach to meet the growing expectation and demands from the customers and stakeholders.

As custodians of Sarawak’s TPAs and wildlife, we have been given a unique opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the environment and the people. We are confident SFC will carry out these responsibilities professionally and successfully, with the cooperation and support of our employees, our stakeholders and the community.

As we work together to achieve our common goals, we will bring the right blend of passion, dedication and professionalism to this mission – for the rewards of success will not be shared only by us. Our children, our grandchildren and future generations will recognize our successful stewardship of the natural environment and its conservation.