Good news for everyone!

We are happy to announce that our national parks (NPs) will be open to the public in stages.

NPs which will be opened on Wednesday, June 17 are Kubah NP, Gunung Gading NP, Tanjung Datu NP, Santubong NP, Talang-Satang NP, Wind/Fairy Cave NR, Batang Ai NP, Maludam NP, Gunung Mulu NP, Lambir NP, Niah NP, Loagan Bunut NP, and Pulong Tau NP.

Meanwhile, other NPs that will be allowed to open on Monday, June 22 are Bako NP, Semenggoh WC, Kuching Wetland NP, and Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef NP.

Please TAKE NOTE that you must adhere to our SOPs and follow the guidelines and instructions at our Parks. The opening hours will be from 7am to 7pm (subject to specific site’s operation).

You can reach our Visitor Information Centre (VIC) at 082-248088 or email to if you have any questions regarding the opening of our NPs. The details of the SOPs can be downloaded through our official website