Park Guide Training Courses


To be able to provide guiding services in national parks and nature reserves of Sarawak, one must be certified by a licence approved by the Controller of National Parks and Nature Reserves. This licence can be obtained by attending and passing the Certificate in Park Guiding Course, attended at least one Specific Park Products and Services Course and having a valid certificate in first aid. SARAWAK FORESTRY is pleased to inform that the following courses will be conducted: i) Certificate in Park Guiding Course, and ii) Park Products and Services Course in November 2019. 


The objectives of this training programme include:

  1. To produce park guides that are licensed under the National Parks and Nature Reserves (Amendment) Regulations, 2010 and capable of providing guiding services in ecotourism operations in national parks or nature reserves in Sarawak, and are recognized as world-class.
  2. To prepare park guides to a high level of motivation to educate tourists in conservation practices and appreciation for biodiversity issues.
  3. To develop an understanding among park guides of the special nature of ecotourism as a tool for conservation.
  4. To inculcate best practice standards among guides in relation to safety, interpretation, customer service, product promotion and park guide’s own leadership and presentation.
  5. To assure park guides are committed to providing high quality ecotourism experience in safe, culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable manner.


  1. Provides good public relations for State of Sarawak and authorities:
  • Park guides will be more professional and be able to appeal to their clients better in garnering support for the conservation of national parks and the assets therein.
  1. Helps management of the park:
  • Effective interpretation helps to satisfy visitors’ needs and expectations.
  • Effective interpretation will helps visitors understand their relationship to and responsibility towards park environment.
  1. Enhances visitors’ experience and satisfaction:
  • Park guiding provides the single best tool for shaping experiences and shared values.
  • Effective interpretation provoke people to think and wonder, which leads to ‘meanings making’ and ultimately contributes to a greater understanding of the world around us.
  • Giving visitors the right information, in the right way, and at the right time, creates deeper, richer experiences to visitors.
  1. Keeping visitors safe from hazard:
  • Visitors sometimes lack knowledge about the ways the national parks or nature reserves can impact them (threats to their safety and security). Park Guiding is sometimes aimed at helping visitors to recognize and protect themselves from this danger.
  1. Promoting your business and national parks:
  • Enables you to influence visitor’s thinking and their impressions of your product after they return home, so that they contribute to your business through word-of-mouth advertising and repeat visitation.


The Certificate in Park Guiding Course consists of 5 modules and requires a total of 49 classroom hours and a total of 38 hours for practical lessons in the field. There will also be assessments for both the classroom and practical guided walk components.

  • Certificate in Park Guiding Course: Theoretical on tourism & ecotourism, totally protected areas management system, legislations on protected areas and wildlife, biodiversity conservation issues, national parks and nature reserves as tourism products, risk management in protected areas, and thematic interpretation principles.
  • Park Products & Services Course: Introduction to a national park or nature reserve, flora and fauna resources, social and cultural aspects, conservation and management issues and iconic park products.


Application to join the courses is open to all, but priority will be given to Sarawakians that fulfill the following requirements:

The applicant for a trainee park guide must be:

  1. At least twenty one years old.
  2. Preferably one who speak fluently in Mandarin as well as in English.
  3. A person of good character, physically and medically fit to perform the duties of a park guide.
  4. In possession of at least “Sijil Rendah Pelajaran” (SRP) or “Penilaian Menengah Rendah” (PMR) or equivalent.


The Schedule for the Certificate in Park Guiding Course and Park Products & Service Course are as in the following:

Certificate in Park Guiding Course**04 - 19 Nov 2019SARAWAK FORESTRY Kuching/Kubah National Park, Kuching Division30 Aug 201930 pax
Kubah National Park Products & Services Course**20 - 22 Nov 2019Kubah National Park, Kuching Division30 Aug 201930 pax
** Course fee for the Certificate in Park Guiding Course and Specific Park Products & Service course is claimable from Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) subject to their approval.

Places are limited to 30 persons only per course on first come first serve basis.

Enrollment fee for the Certificate in Park Guiding Training Course is RM1500 and fee for enrollment in the Park Products and Services Course is RM400. Only licensed park guides or those park guides who had undergone and successfully completed the Certificate in Park Guiding Course are allowed to site for the Park Products and Services Course for Kubah National Park, Kuching.  During the training, all food and beverages, accommodation, a park guide T-shirt and cap, notes and references, and certificate (if passed the examination –written and practical) will be provided except transportation.


Personal Requirement (what to bring during the training?)

  1. Torchlight
  2. Raincoat/poncho
  3. Field clothing
  4. Hat/cap
  5. Proper shoes for outdoor activities (jungle trekking)
  6. Medications for minor ailment (e.g; Panadol, liniment, etc)
  7. Sun Block
  8. Shorthand note books

Application forms can be download as below;

  1. Application Form for certificate in Park Guiding training Course
  2. Application Form to attend Specific Park Products and Services Course
  3. Medical Examination Form

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Applications must be submitted to reach the following address not later than 4.00pm on the closing dates as detailed above.

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