SRI AMAN, 11 FEBRUARY 2017- There has been no let-up in SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation’s (SFC’s) crocodile culling programme as manifested by the latest culling operation at Sg. Skrang.

“The Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) from SFC headquarters was dispatched to Skrang earlier this week to hunt down the crocodile that had attacked and killed Aji anak Inyau, 73 from Rh. Kejemut in January. The team commenced their operation on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 where 11 baited hooks were placed along the river where Aji was attacked,” said a statement issued by SFC today.

“A male crocodile took the bait on one of the hooks on Thursday evening and was subsequently hauled ashore at 8.30 that night. The croc which measured at 3.14 metre in length and weighed about 200 kg was deemed capable of the said attack. The operation covered an area of 4 km along the stretch of Sg. Skrang and the croc was hooked just 200 metres from the site where the victim was attacked,” added the statement.

“The culling operation would now be shifted to Sg. Santubong where another fatal crocodile attack had been reported to occur last Wednesday,” the statement further added.