BETONG, 7 MAY 2017- The State’s crocodile culling programme undertaken by SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) is forging ahead as the corporation’s Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) pulled off another successful crocodile culling operation, this time at Sg. Krian, Saratok. “In this operation scheduled for 6 days, we have managed to cull two big crocodiles measuring at 3.4 metre and 3 metre respectively in length in only three days of operation,” said a statement issued by SFC today.

“13 baited ‘hook-and-line’ traps have been set up along the 5 km stretch of the said river and a female croc finally took one of the baits at 9.30 am yesterday while the second croc, a male took the bait at 8.30 this morning. The first croc was culled from the waters of Sg. Kerangan (tributary of Sg. Krian) at about 300 metres from the site where the last crocodile attack at the area was reported, whereas the second croc was hauled ashore about 200 metres from the Sg. Krian bridge,” the statement added.

The operation in Saratok will continue until next Wednesday, 10 May 2017, wherein efforts would be focussed on areas like schools and longhouses.