SANTUBONG, 17 FEBRUARY 2017- The Government’s efforts to address human-crocodile conflicts through SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) continue unabated, this time focussing on the waters of Sg. Santubong.

“The Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) from SFC headquarters commenced their culling operation on Tuesday, 14 February 2017 in the area where Selamat Raub, 55, was attacked and killed by a rogue crocodile last week. 13 baited hooks were set up along the 4.0 km operation area which stretches from the Santubong bridge towards the mouth of Sg. Santubong,” said a statement issued by SFC today.

“A female crocodile took the bait on one of the hooks yesterday night and was subsequently hauled ashore at 9.00 this morning. The croc measured at 2.9 metre in length and was estimated to weigh about 200 kg. A postmortem was thereafter conducted by the Forensic Unit of Sarawak General Hospital but no human remains were found in the croc’s stomach,” the statement added.

“The operation in Sg. Santubong would continue to cull some more big crocodiles which are deemed dangerous to humans. Monitoring of the waters in these areas will continue to be carried out to allay the residents’ concern and fear of the reptiles,” the statement further added.

The SFC statement went on to thank all parties that have rendered assistance in the operation, i.e., Royal Malaysia Police, Santubong Fisheries Office and Sarawak General Hospital. SFC also calls on residents of Santubong to be vigilant when using the river.