MUKAH, 12 APRIL 2017- The crocodile culling services of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) are in such demand that the corporation’s Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) is hardly getting any rest these days. The latest area of operation was at Sg. Tasa, Batang Paloh, Belawai.

“SFC’s SWAT from its Sibu Office was deployed to the said location last Wednesday, 5 April 2017. The operation covered the 5km stretch along Sg. Tasa at which 13 baited hook-and-lines were set up to lure rogue and nuisance crocodiles. A female crocodile measuring 2.72-metre finally took the bait on one of the hooks and was hauled ashore about 100 metres from the site of the last attack at the area. The operation has lasted for eight days and would end today, 12 April 2017,” said a statement issued by SFC today.

“Concurrently, SWAT teams have also been dispatched to three separate locations in Bintulu and Miri early this week to set up cage traps in order to snare crocodiles that have been seen lurking at several locations. SFC would continue to step up its crocodile culling and removal operations and monitoring of high-risk rivers to address the prevailing human-crocodile conflicts in the State and to allay the residents’ concerns with regard to the reptile,” the statement added.

The SFC statement went on to urge the public to report sightings of crocodiles to the nearest Forest Department or SFC office.