Scattered like so many jewels across the green velvet background of the rainforest, Sarawak’s national parks are a showcase of the State’s myriad wonders. They are centres of conservation where strict laws preserve the unique flora and fauna. Homes for Borneo’s diverse wildlife, several are also home to some of the State’s many ethnic groups, who follow, age-old life-styles and traditions.

  • Sustainable forest management and conservation
  • Reforestation and rehabilitation
  • Management of protected and totally protected areas
  • Conducting scientific research on Sarawak’s rainforests and its products
  • Training and education of employees, stakeholders and the general public
  • Providing customers of Sarawak’s forest products with reliable information and support

Each park has its own distinctive attractions. Whether it is wild orangutans living in the trees, the comical proboscis monkey, the worldis largest flower, as big as a coffee table, the worldis biggest cave system, the most bio-diverse area on earth, or signs of human habitations going back 40,000 years; it is all there in the parks.

Each park is nature in the raw but several are easily accessible from Sarawak’s cities. You can watch wild orangutans feeding in the morning and be back in time for a delicious lunch at your hotel. You can walk the nature trails of Bako for a day, observe the proboscis monkey and return to sample Kuching’s food and nightlife.

Or, you can really get away from it all. To get the best from the parks you should stay the night, or several nights. After a day’s trekking through the world’s oldest rainforest with its carnivorous plants and unique animals, you will be lulled to sleep in the comfortable chalets by the night symphony of the jungle.

The parks vary in size; some are big enough for the adventurous to spend days on jungle treks taking in waterfalls, caves, lakes, mountains, islands, coral reefs and pristine beaches.

However much time you have, whether long or short, and whatever your interest in nature , the National Parks are the ideal way to sample Sarawak’s treasure of tropical delights.