Business as Usual for Sama Jaya Nature Reserve

Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) team is in the lookout for the macaque that reportedly attacked and bitten one resident at Tabuan Desa recently, in the hope to ensnare it. In any situation where conflict between human and animal occurs, such course of action is a routine follow through. In this particular case, SFC wishes to reach out to the public that the matter is being investigated intensely so as to calm and allay public fear particularly with the current issues of rabies outbreak that clouded the state. Apart from wildlife handling, SFC is well equipped to handle the situation pertaining to rabies containment being part of the Sarawak Rabies Operation on this matter. Once snared, samples will be obtained from the macaque for testing of any rabies pathogen. In the eventuality that rabies pathogens are detected, necessary steps will be activated in line with the standard operating procedure in practice. In the meantime, SFC gives assurance that Sama Jaya Nature Reserve (SJNR) is safe for visitors as the population of macaques thereat are separated from the one in question which is found at the forest patch elsewhere and totally cut-off from one another. SJNR has been on the wrong end of some news for being wrongly associated as the forest the rogue macaque originated from. Having said that, visitors are advised to adhere strictly to precautions and advisory signage at the reserve pertaining to the macaques. Let’s hope that the matter does not escalates further.