TATAU, 28 JULY 2017 – Illegal loggers have made an unwelcomed return to the Tatau area, but thanks to the efforts of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) and Forest Department, their activities had been quickly curtailed in a recent joint enforcement operation. According to press statement issued by SFC, the enforcement teams raided 3 different locations at Lana-Kakus, approximately 3 hours drive from Samarakan junction, Bintulu-Sibu Road. All 3 locations are within areas in forest plantations set aside for conservation purposes.

“This enforcement operation was triggered by a report received from one of SFC’s field stations. To date, we have detained 235 logs of various sizes and species as well as a chain-saw and water pump that were left behind by the illegal loggers who fled the scene,” says the SFC statement.

“We will continue to closely monitor the forested areas near Tatau. We will also seek assistance from armed agencies such as the police in future operations out of concern for the safety of our staff,” the statement added.

A report on the raids had been lodged at the Tatau Police Station. The cases had been handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation and disposal.