6 April 2019 : A joint operation by enforcement officers from SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) and PGA Sibu resulted in the seizure of 260 illegal logs at the logpond near Jalan Pasai/Teku, Sibu. The raiding team was dispatched from Sibu Regional Office, joined by personnel from PGA Sibu. In the subsequent raid, 260 logs of various sizes and species (without any official markings), 1 excavator, 1 chainsaw, 1 generator set and 1 water pump were detained. No culprits were encountered during the operation.

In another case on Wednesday (3 April 2019), the enforcement team had detected and detained 30 pieces of illegal logs, 1 excavator, 1 water pump and 2 chainsaws. An abandoned make-shift shelter believed to have been used in this illegal operation was also found during the raid.

On 2 April 2019, the enforcement team raided a sawmill located at Jalan Ulu Oya, Sibu and detained 94 rough sawn timber, 57 Belian sawn timber, 994 MLH sawn timber and 92 jungle poles as well as machineries and equipments believed to have been used to process the said logs.

The mill owner and 4 workers were arrested as they were unable to present any documentation to support lawful possession of the said logs.

All the cases have been reported to the police station and will be handed over to Forest Department for further investigation.