SIBU, 20 AUGUST 2019 – SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation recently had a surprised inspections to pet shops to crack down on illegal keeping of pets and wildlife. More than 400 animals were seized from an animal farm in Sibu last week.

“Our enforcement team rescued about 38 species of animals (altogether 366 animals) protected under CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), 5 species of protected animals including a Pheasant, three Hill Myna, two owls, four Prevost Squirrels and eight parrots; two species of totally protected animals including four Pergam and a black hornbill and 28 wildlife, including a mousedeer, 11 peacocks, two Kijang, 12 Punai and a tortoise. All these animals will be sent to Matang Wildlife Centre for keeping before releasing to the wild,” said SFC today.

CEO of SFCSB Haji Zolkipli Mohamad Aton urged all the pet shop and animal farm operators to apply and obtain permits or licences from Controller of Wildlife. He said pet shops should seek verification on the origin of the animals as keeping protected species can lead to 1-year imprisonment and fine RM10,000; while keeping totally protected wildlife in Sarawak can lead to the maximum fine RM50,000 and five years’ jail.

“This is our continuous and long term commitment in addressing illegal wildlife trade and crime to safeguard the flora and fauna in Sarawak. This includes instilling awareness and realization in the minds of the public at large that wildlife is best left undisturbed in the wild as part of the forest communities and not as pet” said Zolkipli.

Members of the public are encouraged to join us in our wildlife conservation effort through orangutan, hornbill or sea-turtle adoption programme. For those who have information on wildlife trade are encouraged to report through SARAWAK FORESTRY’s hotlines in Kuching (019-8859996, 016-8565564), Sibu (019-8190140, 019-8894474), Bintulu (019-8223449, 019-8332737), or Miri (019-8224566, 019-8290994).