Semenggoh Wildlife Centre Awarded The World Excellence Tourism Awards 2020 for Best Sustainable Tourism Program Category

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 March 2020 – Sarawak’s first wildlife rehabilitation centre, the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC), one of the wildlife centre managed by SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) was awarded the World Excellence Tourism Awards for Best Sustainable Tourism Program category for Eco Tourism (Wildlife Conservation Centre) in conjunction with the World Excellence Tourism Award 2020 Ceremony on March 13, 2020.

This award, under the Sustainable Tourism Program category, recognises SWC’s excellence in the areas of wildlife conservation and rehabilitation.

“We are very proud and honoured to receive this award which we consider a well-deserved recognition which indicated the success of the Sarawak Government in its conservation effort of the Orangutans. This shows the WORLD has recognise the uniqueness of Sarawak National Parks and Wildlife. We are no more consider as JAGUH KAMPUNG” said CEO of SFC, Zolkipli Mohamad Aton.

“The orangutan itself has become a precious icon resulting Semenggoh to be one of the leading ecotourism destinations in Sarawak at present. Existence of Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is an illustrious testimony of successful Orangutan rehabilitation and management of semi-wild population in a sub-urban setting” he added.

Currently, SWC is continuing to manage the semi-wild orangutans, the legacy from the past orangutan rehabilitation work. Being free-ranging semi-wild Orangutans, the great apes are given the freedom to be as wild as possible. The only interference from the human is in the form of providing supplementary food to these semi-wild Orangutans.

The public, on the other hand, can be part of this noble initiative through the orangutan adoption program. Proceeds from the programme will be deposited to Wildlife Conservation Trust Account which is entitled for tax exemption and the fund will be used to fund conservation activities and the rehabilitation of wildlife in the state. For adoption, please contact Semenggoh Wildlife Centre at 082-618325 or SFC Corporate Office at 082-610088. Or Follow SFC Facebook page “SARAWAK FORESTRY” and SFC instagram “@sfc_sarawak” for more updates.