Slow Loris Surrendered to SFC

KUCHING, 6 MARCH 2020 – Upon receiving a call from a concerned netizen regarding an appearance of a slow loris in the backyard of his house, SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation (SFC) team in Kuching sprang into action today and found a live slow loris. During the visit, the house owner informed he was surprised seeing the animal and quickly alert SFC. It was later taken to a vet for further observation before releasing it into the wild.

Slow loris is totally protected animal under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998. Any person who found keeping protected species can lead to 1-year imprisonment and fine RM10,000; while keeping totally protected wildlife in Sarawak can lead to the maximum fine RM50,000 and five years’ jail.

CEO of SARAWAK FORESTRY Corporation, who is also the Controller of Wild Life, Zolkipli Mohamad Aton expressed his gratitude to the house owner for his act of consciousness in protecting our wildlife. He again emphasized that wild animals are best to be left undisturbed in the wild as part of the forest communities.

“What if they become endangered and extinct, the future generations will blame us for not protecting and conserving these precious heritage. Therefore, we all must play our roles in conserving the existence of our wildlife”.

Members of the public with information on wildlife sighting are encouraged to call SARAWAK FORESTRY’s hotlines @ Kuching (019-8859996, 016-8565564), Sibu (019-8190140, 019-8894474), Bintulu (019-8223449, 019-8332737), or Miri (019-8224566, 019-8290994).