Bukit Lima Nature Reserve

Bukit Lima Nature Reserve is located at the heart of Sibu town, and is one of the favourite’s urban parks for the Sibu community. Bukit Lima NR is popular for conservation activities and recreational visitors because of its peat swamp forest environment.

Bukit Lima NR is famous among its visitors for its jungle trails suitable for forest walks as well as jogging. On 5.7 km of wooden plank walks, Bukit Lima NR allows visitors to experience peat swamp forest and enjoy the interaction with the nature and wildlife.

The park is home to 39 species of birds. The most common birds species recorded in the park include barbets, babblers, flowerpeckers, broadbills, sunbirds and bulbuls. 8 species of mammals also occur here including Malayan weasel, the Sambar deer, the Giant squirrel and the Plaintain squirrel, Treeshrews, Pangolins, Slow lorises and Long tailed macaques.

Getting there

Most visitors will drive their own to the park. Public transport is available from the Sibu town area. The journey from the city centre to the park headquarter takes about 15 minutes. Alternatively, visitors can access the park by public transport: –

By Bus – Bus No. 10 operated by Lanang Transport Company departs from the Bus Terminal in Sibu town.

By Taxi – Taxi can also be chartered for the 15 minutes trip to the park.

Park Opening Hours:
8.00am to 5.00pm
Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays

+6084 228 108


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A permit is required for professional photography or filming, which should be arranged in advance with the National Park Booking Office.