Matang Wildlife Centre

Orangutans are found only in Borneo and Sumatra, and Sarawak has the wild population of these intelligent ginger apes. You are sure to meet one at the Matang Wildlife Centre on the western corner of the Kubah National Park.

The centre’s 180 hectares of lowland forest provides natural surroundings for orang utans and other local fauna.

But, Matang is not a zoo. It is a dedicated centre where endangered species, such as orang utans are rehabilitated and released into the forest. Most individuals were confiscated from members of the public, who illegally kept them as pets, and must be taught how to fend for themselves in the wild.While they are being educated, they remain at the centre, enabling you to get close to animals you might not spot in days of wandering the jungle.

There are more than just animals to see at Matang. You can enjoy a series of rock pools, a swimming area, picnic spots, camping sites, scenic nature trails, three waterfalls, a viewing area and enclosures for viewing semi-wild animals.

There are various eco tourism projects being carried out at Matang wildlife centre, such as Heart to Heart with orang utan and the orang utan Junior Program.

You can reach Matang within 40 minutes drive from Kuching , but there is no bus service to the Matang Wildlife Centre, so you will need a taxi or your own transport. You have a choice of overnight accommodation from chalets, to dormitory style lodges to camping sites where you can stay in your own tent. There are no cafeteria in these center.


Jungle trekking is also possible as there are four jungle trails here, the Pitcher Trail (takes about 2 hours), the Sungai Rayu Trail (about 3 – 4 hours), the Sungai Senduk trail (about 1 hour) and Sungai Buluh trail (about 2 hours).

Getting there

By Bus or Taxi

Matang Wildlife Centre is about 30km from Kuching City and it takes about 40 minutes to reach the Centre. Since there is no regular bus that goes directly to the centre, hiring a taxi is recommended.

National Park Opening Hours:

8.00am to 5.00pm
Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays


Matang Wildlife Centre
Tel: 011-6572 9228 / 011-6572 9293


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Please contact the National Park Booking Office for the latest room rates reservations.

A permit is required for professional photography or filming, which should be arranged in advance with the National Park Booking Office.