Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty, has everything to offer for both leisure and adventurous visitors. It has the world’s most extensive cave system, jungle trekking, river rapids, and fascinating people, including Sarawak’s last nomadic tribes.

Its limestone mountain range is honeycombed with underground caverns and riversby one of the world’s most extensive cave system. This includes: the world’s largest natural chamber, the Sarawak Chamber; the world’s largest cave passage, Deer Cave,capable of holding London’s St.Paul’s Cathedral; and at 215 km as of 2015, the eighth longest cave in the world, the Clearwater Cave System.

At dusk, visitors are thrilled as they watch a black river exodus of two million bats pouring out of the Deer Cave on their nightly forage for insects.

Above ground, the park is just as fascinating. Its 15 different types of forest contain a wealth of wildlife and thousands of species of ferns, fungi, mosses and flowering plants. There are 170 species of wild orchids and 10 species of the carnivorous pitcher plants with species still waiting to be discovered.

The best way to experience this amazing variety of life is on jungle and mountain treks that require overnight stays at jungle camps. These treks require guides and a certain level of fitness, especially the Pinnacles on GunungApi,with it’s razor sharp limestone peaks soaring above the surrounding jungle

Getting there

By air:

Gunung Mulu is served by rural air service provider, Maswings. There are daily flights between Miri and Mulu and three weekly flights from Kuching and Kota Kinabalu

By boat:

  • Get an early morning taxi from Miri to Kuala Baram
  • Take the lunchtime express boat between KB to Marudi
  • At Marudi, take a smaller boat to Long Terawan
  • At Long Terawan hire a small boat to the park

It is also possible to hike into Mulu via the “Head Hunter’s Trail” from Limbang by trekking down through Camp 5 and then onto Mulu Park headquarters.


  • Yes

Please contact the National Parks Booking office in Miri for reservations and the latest room rates.

Park Opening Hours:

8.00am to 5.00pm
Monday – Sunday including Public Holidays