Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Talang-Satang National Park (Talang-Talang Island) is only open to volunteers from May to September. Priority given to those participating in the conservation program. (Sea Turtle Adoption Program).

This program allows you to actively participate in turtle conservation at Talang-Talang Besar Island.


Package price start from RM 1,200 per pax.

The package includes basic hotel accommodation on the island. It does not include air fares, ground transportation, meals, insurance or travel agent’s ground handling fees.


  • To create awareness on the importance of sea turtle conservation
  • To impart knowledge on sea turtle conservation
  • To experience the island stay

What do Participants Get?

  • Hands on experience on sea turtle conservation work
  • Join a team of dedicated professionals to carry out sea turtle conservation programs
  • Certificate of participants as an acknowledgement of your participation in turtle conservation


Participants will have the chance to be involved in:

  • Beach patrolling ( to locate turtle landings)
  • Transferring eggs to hatchery
  • Releasing of hatchlings
  • Data recording
  • Nest analysis (monitoring nesting activities)
  • Tagging and measuring turtles
  • Research, education and conservation activities


Day 1
2.00 pmArrival at Pulau Talang-Talang Besar
Welcome / Safety Briefing– Park Warden
“Get to know” session
At your own leisure
7.00 pm
Roll call – Park warden / Conservation Assistant
Technical Briefing / Turtle Conservation Program
9.00 pm“Turtle Watch”
Day 2
8.00 amBreakfast
At your own leisure
12.00 pm

Turtle Management at Pulau Talang Talang Kechil
4.00 pm
“Beach Work”
7.00 pm
Roll call – Park Warden / Conservation Assistant
9.00 pm
Hatchery Management
Day 3
8.00 am
Data Recording
At your own leisure
12.00 pmLunch
2.00 pmSnorkeling / Recreational Activities
Hatchery Management
7.00 pmDinner
Roll call – Park Warden / Conservation Assistant
9.00 pmAdopt A Turtle & Adopt A Nest
Day 4
8.00 amBreakfast
“Let You Know” Session
10.00 amFarewell and have a safe journey home