Logo Rationale

The overall concept for the SFC logo revolves around biodiversity conservation and protection of Totally Protected Areas.

Amongst the four components of the logo, the leaf reflects the foundation of all the flora species in Sarawak. The leaf also signifies SFC’s efforts and responsibilities in biodiversity conservation.

The tree symbolises the bright future for all generations of mankind.

The orang-utan represents the diversity of wildlife in the State. It also signifies conservation efforts to safeguard all wildlife, particularly the endangered species.

The hornbill gives the logo a distinctive identity that it is Sarawakian, since this rare species is the official State bird.

The logo consists of two principal colours, namely green and brown to represent nature and earth. There are also two secondary colours, namely light brown and ochre to compliment the two principal colours.

The new logo reflects SFC’s focus on parks and wildlife and moving towards a new frontier in biodiversity conservation.