We are temporarily closing the main trail at Lambir Hills National Park (LHNP) due to flood.       The main trail (to Great Cave) at Niah National Park is currently CLOSED until further notice due to damage caused by bad weather.       Due to unforeseen circumstances, Pulau Lakei at Bako National Park is closed with immediate effect until further notice.

Parks & Wildlife

Sarawak has one of the most extensive networks of protected areas in Southeast Asia, with 46 national parks, 5 wildlife sanctuaries and 15 nature reserves. Our parks offer nature lovers an opportunity to explore the Borneo rainforest, see rare wildlife and enjoy spectacular attractions.

Some of our national parks are world-famous, such as Bako with its remarkably diverse ecosystems, and Niah with its 65,000 years history of human habitation. Gunung Mulu, home to one of the world’s largest cave systems, enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Site Status.

Our national parks and nature reserves showcase the State’s natural heritage and act as key attractions for Sarawak’s expanding tourism industry. Wildlife sanctuaries, however, are not open to visitors and exist to preserve and conserve vulnerable ecosystems or endangered wildlife. Each has its own crucial role to play in protecting the natural environment and our remarkable biodiversity.

Get Involved

Orangutan Adoption Programme

The plight of the world’s orang-utans has touched the hearts of many. This highly intelligent creature, sharing 97% of the same DNA as us, is endemic to Borneo and Sumatra and is regarded as highly endangered due to habitat destruction, indiscriminate hunting and the illegal wildlife trade.

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Hornbill Adoption Programme

The plight of hornbills has slowly gained attention of many over the world. Of the 55 hornbill species found worldwide, 8 species are recorded in Sarawak. Hornbills are iconic species of tropical rainforests and are known as farmers of the forests. However the habitat they depend on for feeding and breeding is shrinking and the future of hornbills is affected.

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Turtle Adoption Programme

Sarawak’s Turtle Adoption Program aims to conserve these beatifuk and ancient marine reptiles through conservation and hatchery activities at Talang Satang National Park and other coastal protected areas. To ensure Sarawak’s seas remain a safe and nurturing environment for thriving populations of sea turtles, we are offering the public opportunity to get involved through Sea Turtle Adoption Programme.

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